SCS Slimline Keyboard Desks

About This Project

Sound Construction & Supply, Inc. designed a new desk for their expanding product line of SCS Keyboard Desks. The original desk was photographed in a Walnut woodgrain finish. Encouraged by the enthusiastic response from their vendors, SCS asked if the wood finish color could be Photoshopped into other wood grains and finish colors.

The different woodgrains were taken from real photographs of wood samples. Light and shadow were key to making the altered desks images appear as real three dimensional objects. The highlights and shadow elements were kept on separate layers from the woodgrain samples, which allowed the substitution of other samples.

The desk was Photographed empty, and the equipment was also Photoshopped onto the desk.

The page layout and copy for the product’s web page was performed by Brian Kelly.


Photography and Digital Photo Editing by Brian Kelly

Adobe Photoshop, Commercial Photography