Cover Design, Page Layout, Indexing, Re-flowable ePub, Kindle MOBI.

Sound Shape Media Services now offers ePublishing conversions services for all eReaders.

The increasing market growth for tablets has revolutionized the book publishing industry. The fact is, if you are not market your published works to eReader markets, you are missing out on sales! Today’s most popular eReaders include: Kindle, iBooks, Nook and Kobo.

Most eBook distributors have proprietary technology for eReaders and ePublishing. Sound Shape Media Services pays careful attention to each device’s specification to ensure your books will work with all eReaders.


  • Reach a larger worldwide audience
  • Book previews and instant downloads increase sales
  • Rental and sharing programs increase revenue (varies per distributor)
  • Reduced printing, shipping, and fulfillment costs
  • Update editions for little cost
  • Publish in multiple languages


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