Stephen Bigger ‘Sanctuary’

About This Project

Sanctuary is intended to give the listener exactly as the title suggests – a place, a moment, a time to be safe, relax, and rest from the busy details of life. This record is dedicated to Stephen’s friends and family who spend too much time at the altar of stress. Try not to think of this offering as music, songs, or sound. Think of it as SPACE to release the tensions of your day. Listen to this quietly and take time in your life to find Sanctuary. This program has been used by practitioners of the International Hypnotherapy Association in treatment of patients with deep-seated anxiety and emotional distress. Effective and enjoyable, Sanctuary stands out in the field of therapeutic music and sound. Stephen’s research and application of bio-rhythmic concepts is the basis for the choice of sounds, tones, frequencies, tempos, and timbre.

The following poem sums up not only the intent of the music but the letters of the words make up the melody throughout the record. Utilizing a centuries old technique by many composers, the form of the melody is created by translating the letters of the words into the musical scale. The resulting melody is then harmonized at the composer’s discretion.

Sanctuary was mastered by Brian Kelly.


Mastering by Brian Kelly

Music Production