One Bright Shining Moment

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When presidential candidate George McGovern took on incumbent Richard Nixon in 1972, no one really expected him to win and he didn’t. But in his bold, grassroots, seat-of-the-pants campaign, he energized young and progressive Americans to a degree never before seen, and began the genesis of today’s powerful and sophisticated progressive movement. ONE BRIGHT SHINING MOMENT retraces George McGovern’s campaign of 1972 and offers a portrait of one of the most honest men in political history.

ONE BRIGHT SHINING MOMENT tells the tale of a campaign that may have been the ultimate American political defeat, but also perhaps its highest watermark. A campaign built on a platform of peace and justice, ideas and people first and on an understanding of America’s role in the human race. It also questions the electoral process, the American government, and revitalizes a belief in the power of honest values in politics while re-introducing this inspiring man who continues to work today to bring these values into American life.

Narrated by Amy Goodman, host of Pacifica Network’s Democracy Now and author of the current bestseller ‘The Exception To The Rulers’, ONE BRIGHT SHINING MOMENT uses a wealth of archival materials, interviews with prominent progressives like Howard Zinn, Gore Vidal, Gloria Steinem, Warren Beatty, Ron Kovic and Dick Gregory and features music from Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, Donovan, Leon Russell and Elvis Costello.


Winner, Best Documentary Feature, 2005 Sarasota Film Festival


Essential viewing. A bittersweet, tremendously thought-provoking tribute to the one man who could have dramatically and permanently altered America’s political landscape for the better. His was indeed One Bright Shining Moment, and this is One Bright Shining Documentary.

–CBS Radio

Of the many political documentaries that have recently emerged, ONE BRIGHT SHINING MOMENT resounds perhaps more strongly than any other.


Hearing and seeing McGovern makes it all too apparent what is missing in contemporary Washington.

–Los Angeles Times


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