Journey to Everest

About This Project

Journey to Everest follows the adventures of a team of six American businessmen who travel to the Himalayas to trek to Everest Base Camp. On their way into the mountains to begin their ascent, they are bumped from a plane flight that crashes and kills 18 people.

After the crash, the team begins to re-think their own lives and the time that they have now been given. As they struggle with their decision of whether to continue on their trek, their faith comes into the fore as they experience the Hindu/Buddhist world of Kathmandu, Nepal, face the challenges of the Everest Region, and discover the depths of who they are as Christians in a life-altering way.

The music was recorded and mixed by Brian Kelly. Sound design and foley is by Brian Kelly. The final re-recording with music, sound effects, sync audio, and voice over were performed by Brian Kelly.

Journey to Everest


Post Production, Sound Design, and Mixing by Brian Kelly.


Executive Producer

Ed Smith


David Kiern

Production Company

Epiphany Documentary Films