Jonathan Yudkin & the Chainsmoking Altarboys ‘Not Since Phantom’

About This Project

Johnathan Yudkin is force of nature. He can play anything with strings. Johnathan is most noted for his work as a session player in Nashville, TN. The Chainsmoking Alterboys is Johnathan’s jam band project where he could write rock songs and front the band. The album ‘…Not Since Phantom…’ was mixed and mastered by Brian Kelly.


Johnathan Yudkin – Vocal, Guitars, Violin, Mandolin
Leonard Wolf – Keyboards, Piano, B3
Doug Habbena – Bass
Chuck Tilley – Drums
Mick Conley – Guitars

Those Who Played

Tommy Cozart, Paul Scholton, John Gardner, Mark Prentiss, Scott Merry, Ari Orlinsky, Jim Hoke, Gordon Mote, Steven Hinson, Pat Buchanan, J.T. Corenfloss, Larry Chaney, Fred Knobloch

Those Who Sang

Billy Falcon, Sylvia Harrelson, Holly Harrison, Camille Harrison, Katoorah Jayne, Marge Calhoun


Mixing and Mastering by Brian Kelly


Java Kings Records

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