Dalai Lama ‘Hope’

About This Project

The radio campaigns sponsored by The Foundation for a Better Life focus on virtues to improve the human experience. These PSA’s use the story of the Dalai Lama as an example to inspire hope. The PSA’s aired nationally on over 15,000 radio stations and on passiton.com.

Before most teenagers around the world had a drivers license, he was leading his country. While a lot of kids were sipping sodas, he was proving his people healthy drinking water. While some kids slept until noon, he got up at 4 every morning to pray for peace. And though the Dali Lama is no longer a child, his works continue to inspire child like hope.

Pass it on!

The campaign of 30 second and 15 second spots has music recorded, edited and mixed by Brian Kelly. Sound design and foley is by Brian Kelly. The final re-recording with music, sound effects and voice over were performed by Brian Kelly.


Sound Design, Music Recording and Mixing by Brian Kelly

Executive Producer

Gary Dixon


Curt Dahl


Molly Felder

Mixing, Recording, Sound Design