Brian Kelly ‘Come Home’

About This Project

Variations of cues written include a major ending, a minor ending, and instrumental bumpers for segways.

This music composition, Come Home, was written, produced, and mixed by Brian Kelly for the audio book production of Mass Murder in the Sky: The Bombing of Flight 629 by R. Barry Flowers, also produced by Brian Kelly, which is available in iTunes and Amazon.


When the angels spread their wings
When the blue skies weep
I will call you home to me
I will hold you while you sleep

When the demons dare to dream
Of taking you from me
I will call you home to me
I will keep you from demons dreams

When sun fades to night
When the warmth grows cold
I will keep you next to me
I will keep you safe and warm


Molly Felder – Vocals
John Yudkin – Acoustic Guitars and Cello
Bob Farnsworth – Piano
Brian Kelly – Electric Guitar


Lyrics and Music Written, Produced, and Mixed by Brian Kelly.

Music Production
Adult Contemporary